Henri Texier 6-Sky Dancer Review


Henri Texier’s amazing new album “Sky Dancers” brings in all kinds of influences from across the spectrum of music.  With its heavy jazz influence, it also pushes the boundaries by relying on world music. Herni’s bass playing is profound,  it holds beauty and passion making his bass work the focal point of every song.  The powerful sound, the band brings, makes this group sound even bigger than most big bands. The energy in every song makes it hard to stay seated, while listening to this masterpiece.  The first piece “Mic Mac” is a quick hitting tune, with its fast beat and clustered hits it will easily send even the most experience jazz listeners brain, tumbling down the street. My favorite tune on the album is “Mapuche” the cool stride line and beat pull you in, then horn section pushes you deeper as the music feels heavy on your mind. I really think the way drums and bass mingle in this tune is the reason it is my favorite, although the wailing guitar might have something to do with it. The great drum solo at the end of this helps to show off the power this band has. I really think this is a must listen album, if you have a chance to see him live, do it, and also buy this album now.




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