Jerome Beaulieu Trio- Misc Review

Jerome Beaulieu is a wonderful pianist. On their new release “Misc” the trio shows their hard hits and subtle melodies as they intrigue your mind. Every track on this album has beautifully intertwined the rhythm with the theme.  “La Fin” lets the album start out soft and pretty moving quickly into and upbeat and haunting melodic line. This song then devolves back into a somber period where the solo’s are allowed to build around the wonderful mountain of sonic beauty they have created. With Philippe Leduc on bass and William Cote on drums this trio excels by making amazing sounds. My Favorite tune on the album is “Les Annees Molles”  it is so dark and mellow, right before it builds in to a deep dark rocking chorus.  The piano solo appears in this part and totally ripped my head apart with the way Beaulieu flies around the piano. I am going to be listening to this album over and over and so should you.



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