Fellow Creatures make great music together

Jasper Hoiby -Fellow Creatures  Review

Jasper Hoiby the amazing bass player from the band Phronesis, took a break to make some of his own compositions into an album called “Fellow Creatures”. This album is wonderful the title track says it all it brings a bigger sound that his trio and at the same time develops the musical lines with horns the ignite the music fires he creates. The same complex bass lines you find in Phronesis are present here but more deeply ingrained as the music is composed by him. In “World of Contradictions” the horns go left while the rest of the band goes right causing you to be pulled in two directions at once. It makes for a mind blowing experience.  There is such great contrast to the feel of the tunes on this album, for instance the happiest tune of the album is “Song for the Bees” its bouncy beat combined with a wonderful kind of klezmer horn line makes this a fun tune for the whole family. While tunes like “Tangible” have a deep contemplative feeling, like waiting for an interview while trying to figure out all the questions they will ask.  This album is awe inspiring from the first track to the last. If you are looking for a deep album with wonderful bass this is the album you should buy.




9 thoughts on “Fellow Creatures make great music together”

  1. I like it, he has world infusions into one piece (I;m listening to Folk Song at the moment). Note for other readers, there was a delay going to each song, sometimes more than 10 seconds, but the songs will play.

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