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Fellow Creatures make great music together

Jasper Hoiby -Fellow Creatures  Review

Jasper Hoiby the amazing bass player from the band Phronesis, took a break to make some of his own compositions into an album called “Fellow Creatures”. This album is wonderful the title track says it all it brings a bigger sound that his trio and at the same time develops the musical lines with horns the ignite the music fires he creates. The same complex bass lines you find in Phronesis are present here but more deeply ingrained as the music is composed by him. In “World of Contradictions” the horns go left while the rest of the band goes right causing you to be pulled in two directions at once. It makes for a mind blowing experience.  There is such great contrast to the feel of the tunes on this album, for instance the happiest tune of the album is “Song for the Bees” its bouncy beat combined with a wonderful kind of klezmer horn line makes this a fun tune for the whole family. While tunes like “Tangible” have a deep contemplative feeling, like waiting for an interview while trying to figure out all the questions they will ask.  This album is awe inspiring from the first track to the last. If you are looking for a deep album with wonderful bass this is the album you should buy.


Jerome Beaulieu Trio- Misc Review

Jerome Beaulieu is a wonderful pianist. On their new release “Misc” the trio shows their hard hits and subtle melodies as they intrigue your mind. Every track on this album has beautifully intertwined the rhythm with the theme.  “La Fin” lets the album start out soft and pretty moving quickly into and upbeat and haunting melodic line. This song then devolves back into a somber period where the solo’s are allowed to build around the wonderful mountain of sonic beauty they have created. With Philippe Leduc on bass and William Cote on drums this trio excels by making amazing sounds. My Favorite tune on the album is “Les Annees Molles”  it is so dark and mellow, right before it builds in to a deep dark rocking chorus.  The piano solo appears in this part and totally ripped my head apart with the way Beaulieu flies around the piano. I am going to be listening to this album over and over and so should you.


Henri Texier 6-Sky Dancer Review


Henri Texier’s amazing new album “Sky Dancers” brings in all kinds of influences from across the spectrum of music.  With its heavy jazz influence, it also pushes the boundaries by relying on world music. Herni’s bass playing is profound,  it holds beauty and passion making his bass work the focal point of every song.  The powerful sound, the band brings, makes this group sound even bigger than most big bands. The energy in every song makes it hard to stay seated, while listening to this masterpiece.  The first piece “Mic Mac” is a quick hitting tune, with its fast beat and clustered hits it will easily send even the most experience jazz listeners brain, tumbling down the street. My favorite tune on the album is “Mapuche” the cool stride line and beat pull you in, then horn section pushes you deeper as the music feels heavy on your mind. I really think the way drums and bass mingle in this tune is the reason it is my favorite, although the wailing guitar might have something to do with it. The great drum solo at the end of this helps to show off the power this band has. I really think this is a must listen album, if you have a chance to see him live, do it, and also buy this album now.


Iordache-Garden Beast Review

Iordache is blending funk, jazz, and rock to create a sound all his own.  This album “Garden Beast” is now my favorite album from Iordache, replacing the previous album “One Life Left”. His style really is funky and very innovative, It blends cool and hot chords together with infectious back beats to make a thrilling landscape of music.  “Captain Rabbit” has this amazing feel, like the show just started on the most exciting cruise ship you have ever been on.  While “Summer Rain” turns the table with a day dreaming touch and funky horns overseeing the rhythm section. All the musicians are on top of their game, diving deep into the funk with improvisation and flow.  Every single tune on this album is danceable and all of the horn lines will get stuck in your head for days. This is one musician I will see live every chance I get.  Do yourself a favor and get this album now.